MTC INVENT is a romanian company established in 2011. The ability to adapt to the constant changes of the romanian market was the factor that helped us grow and obtain a top position in Oltenia in the domain of processing and producing refferences in the mechanic processing industry.

Computer assisted processing, as well as the advanced programming ability of our CNC devices have helped us become supplier for famous companies and, at the same time, to be a part of projects that require inovative production technologies and high complexity of the final products.

We can make unique parts, in small or large series, as well as devices, tools, stamping moulds or other associated products.

The loyalty to our commitements is the key element to the colaboration with our clients. Our main concern is the contentment of our customers.

We are open towards any type of colaboration and we approach oportunities with maximum flexibility, in order to provide you the colaboration you are looking for.

Our Clients