Metal Products

Mechanic processing represents our company’s main domain of activity. We can produce parts made of metal, plastic, wood, textolite or any other product that can be processed.
The CNC machineries, together with computer assisted processing are essential factors of our activity. The devise advanced production techniques in order to produce the most complex references.

Rubber Products

We usually produce them through vulcanisation and sometimes through injection. Our company also produces the stamping moulds used for rubber vulcanisation. The types of rubber we use vary according to the customer’s requirments.
Depending on the application, we can addapt the rubber by adjusting the hardness or the rezistance at different extern actions. We can prepare the rubber mixture within our company.
We can also produce products made of metal-rubber mixture, such as thimbles, buffers or rubber drums.

Plastic Products

We have both manual and authomatic injction machines. This thing makes us competitve in producing small series, as well as large series. Another major advantaje is the fact we can produce the stamping moulds ourselves.

Ceramics Products

We can produce ceramics products of small dimensions, used mosty in welding processes. Our inovative solutions assure an extremmely wide range of ceramics references, which gives us the ability to produce unique pieces at competitive prices.